• Telemedicine Service MDsquare is the ability to encrypt sensitive, personal health information and identity information generated from remote health care platforms to post them on public ledgers using the block chain’s distributed networks, thereby enhancing the security of health information by preventing hacking and forgery
  • Telemedicine Healthcare Solution Remote telemedical solutions feature a medical-specialized feature that enables doctors and patients to meet, see, and communicate face-to-face on line on communication networks. They will not only be able to look at the face, but also send and receive medical services while looking at the affected areas and medical records
  • For Professional Consultation Search
    Treatment Based on Subject
    In order to help patients get professional counseling quickly and easily, a variety of medicial examination programs are avaliable. fifteen department of medical consultation and advisory are available
  • Reservation Function When the doctor releases his time schedule, the patient can execute a medical service request immediately or on a reservation, enabling medicial services that overcome the time barrier


  • Artificial Intelligence Medical Chat Bot If the user wants simple medical counseling or medical information rather than meeting with a doctor, interactive medical counseling with an artificial intelligence chatbot can be used to obtain the desired medical information
  • Personal Health Measuring Device Personal health measuring device connected to MDsquare make it easy and convenient to manage patient health information data.
  • Translation Services Interpreters from around the world are waiting for to overcome ther verbal limitations of medical services
  • Share Screen The patient and the medical team are not only looking at each other’s faces, they’re also looking at the same screen. AS it is capable of communicating while screen sharing, it has a function that is different from that of conventional imaging solutions.


  • Dentistry Dental caries, Wisdom tooth, Orthodontic treatment, etc.
  • Psychiatry Clinic Panic disorder, trauma, Sleepwalking, Stress, Bipolar disorder, etc.
  • Beauty/Plasstic Surgery Double eyelid operation, Filler, Double jaw surgery, etc.
  • O&G Clinic Vaginitis, Cystitis, Pregnancy, hpv, etc.
  • Pediatrics / Internal Medicine Flu, Allergy, Gastritis, Enteritis, Hypertension, etc.
  • Urology Urinary stone, STD, Prostate, Erectile dysfunction, etc.
  • Dermatology Acne, Wart, Atopy, Alopecia, etc.
  • Neurosurgery / Orthopedics Fracture, Distortion, Disk, etc.