• Patient Jane Imagine that Jane is diagnosed with a disease that’s rare in her own country, but all too common halfway around the world in Korea. Because of this, Korean specialists are the best trained in the world, have the most hands-on experience and are using new palliative techniques. Rather than having to jump on a plane, Jane can pull out her phone and connect with a leading doctor the same day.
  • Patient Hyewon Imagine that Hyewon is lying alone on her bed in the middle of the night in Seoul. She has high fever. She can’t get professional help, as all of the public hospitals are not operating during the night except for costly ER. While the fever is not extremely dangerous to call ER she still needs some advice and help.
  • Dr. Hana Park Hana Park is an internal medicine specialist working at a big hospital. As she is pregnant, she is unable to go to work for some months. MDsquare has her covered. She can work from the comfort of her own home without spending the whole day on her feet, leveraging her professional experience and continuing to help people all around the world.
    MDsquare puts a complete medical team at Jane’s disposal. Blockchain-based payments mean Jane can pay just once and the fees are easily split up among professionals and companies that improve Jane’s standard of care:
  • Dr. Ben Harrison Ben Harrison is a professional doctor working at public hospital in United States. As he is
    currently having vacation, he is able to work from home on a part-time basis. MDsquare has his covered. He can work from resort or a park without physically being at hospital, leveraging his professional experience and continuing to help people all around the world without time limitations.