The team has been able to analyze the characteristics and strengths and weaknesses of the medical market, including the United States, Europe, China, and Korea, over the past two years, to develop real-time or scheduled health care solutions between patients and physicians. We also developed a medical consultation chat bot by classifying a large amount of data generated in the medical field into artificial intelligence, grouped by diseases frequency and criticality. Applying block chain technologies to this has enabled secure and efficient processing of personal health information data generated and stored on remote healthcare platforms and enables the implementation of virtuous compensation schemes of platform participants.


  • Paul OhFounder & CEO
  • Moo Seong KimCOO


  • Jung Wan KimCTO
  • Joseph HwangCMO
  • Sang Hyeok SimHR Manager
  • Jae Sik JangPartnerships Manager
  • Byeong Su ChoiApp Client Developer
  • Ha Eun YooDesigner
  • Ga Yun ParkApp Client Developer


  • Dr.Byung Gun KimHead Advisor Head Director of BK Plastic Surgery
  • Sang Kyu NoHead Advisor Professor of Business School,
    Seoul National University
  • Sung Wook LeeCEO of MEDI114
  • Dr.Yoon Sik JeonDentist CEO of E-wireligner
  • Hun Young KwonProfessor of Information Security at Korea University
  • Seung Kyu LeeDirector of Suwon Good Tree Dental Clinic
  • Dr. Seung Youn ChaHead Director of ZN Plastic Surgery
  • Dr.Sung Won YoonHead MD of Cheongdam Smile Bright Dental Hospital
  • Dr.Gi Woong YooChief MD of Hanvit Hospital
  • Dr.Hae Geun JungHead MD of Seoul Dream Pain Medicine Hospital
  • Eun Suk KoLawyer of Daseung Law Firm
  • Sun Joon KimPatent Attorney, Partner of Lee&Kim
What patient get with MDsquare

1. Instant care; you can log in anytime from anywhere in the world and get immediate help.

2. Affordable service; we provide affordable health care by overcoming middle men e.g insurance and also hospital administration and consultation fees and even cross border relocation giving you direct, high quality medical assistance. 3. Borderless access; We provide translation services to enable you get the help you need from any part of the world without language or geographical barrier. 4. Secure privacy; we apply blockchain technology using smart contract for medical information data to ensure credible transactions.