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    See the world's best doctors in your office or in the comfort
    of your own living room or from your beach resort.

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MDtalk is a decentralized and borderless online total
healthcare platform. We provide secure and limitless
connections between patients and doctors all over the world.

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Mobile Consultation & Healthcare Service

Need help right now? Ask best Korean doctors via messaging and video call. Quick and easy.

About us

We have been analyzing the characteristics and strengths and weaknesses
of the medical market, including the United States, Europe, China, and Korea, over the past three years,
to develop real-time or scheduled healthcare solutions between patients and physicians.

  • Worldwide

    We are connecting patients and doctors from all over the world and providing high quality service from the best experts to any remote locations

  • Transparency

    We are integrating patients, doctors, charities, medical and government organizations into our ecosystem and ensuring full transparency of all transactions

  • Equilibrium

    We are trying to improve the fundamental quality of life with poor medical environments through the doctors social cotribution and providing new innovative opportunities.

Our Team

  • Graduate Electronics,Yonsei University
    M.S. in Dentistry, Yonsei University
    Founder of Eversmile Orthodontic Clinic

    Dr.Paul Oh Founder & CEO
  • MA, BA at Seoul National University
    Qoo10, Head of Corporate Development
    Gmarket, Head of Strategic Planning

    Moo Seong Kim COO
  • B. S. in Statistics, Seoul National University
    Dreamwise Inc., Vice President / CTO
    Fujitsu Korea, Lead of Banking Service Development

    Jeong Wan Kim CTO
  • Jeff Son TL, Development
  • Ik Jekal TL, Development
  • Dong Won Kim Marketing


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